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Mr. Vikas Vinayak owner of optimize media solutions, is a founder of Universal education expo world [2019]. He has been a part of Punjab Media Industry for last 14 years and has also worked extensively in the field of oversees education. Now along with running affairs , he has decided to create something entirely exclusive that is UNIVERSAL EDUCATION EXPO WORLD. UEEW is a wonderful platform which will bring all the universities, colleges, institutions, ielts and immigration together under one roof .

180 + Exhibitors

We have great Exhibitors in our past expo

25 + Brands

We have high performing brands in our expo

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In UEEW, there will be seminars as well to enrich information base. Career counsellors will take these seminars. Individual counselling option shall be available. Moreover, eminent personalities will share their experiences with students and parents at the expo.

UEEW aspires to be India’s leading option for the promotion in the region. Its aim to produce better fairs each year to assist institutions in their sales and marketing objectives, and also aims to invite as many institutions to the region so that the students’ needs can be satisfied as much as possible. UEEW believe that every student has the right to have the right education, and thus allows every institute to meet the right student. UEEW hope that these visions are met though the fairs organized every year annually.

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